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The word “Theology” means “words about God” and it covers a whole range of subjects: biblical studies, christian ethics, church history, canon law, counselling, ecclesiastical Latin, liturgy, pastoral theology, philosophy, systematic theology, preaching, and religious education.

If you always wanted to know more about God and religion than you hear in the Sunday homily, then there are papers here for you.

If you work for the Church, there are qualifications here that will help you develop professionally.

Prospective Students

What do you need to know if you are considering studying with the Catholic Theological College? Orientation information, where you can apply for fee help.

Our Programmes

What level of study do you want to do? How much time can you allocate to it? The pages here give you some idea of the scope of what is offered.

Our Course Units

If you want details on an individual paper, what it is about, when it is offered look here.

Our People

The faculty and staff of Te Kupenga – Catholic Theological College

Timetables / Calendars

What papers are offered when, and where …

Tekupenga - Catholic Theological College

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