Orientation – Level 7

Orientation on the Campus and Online

The orientation process provides key information to new students ahead of their studies, both in written form for immediate and ongoing reference and forums where students meet with staff to receive information, ask questions, clarify uncertainties, and discuss concerns. Orientation information is provided in line with the University of Notre Dame Australia policy and the current Higher Education Standards.

All new and returning students (international and domestic) should attend orientation at the beginning of every semester, ahead of the first class, whether the delivery of teaching is face-to-face or online. Orientation forums will be face-to-face for face-to-face students and online for online students.

Our face-to-face orientation is usually held on Friday before the start of the semester on campus. Details will be sent prior to the day.

Our online orientation is a course on the Blackboard.

In accord with the UNDA Orientation Policy, the orientation program will cover all the relevant information for a University of Notre Dame Australia student.

Orientation information for students

Orientation information will comprise information about

(i)    locations and contacts for the campus concerned, including contacts details for the Student Support Officer as the immediate point of contact;
(ii)   academic matters including courses, units, and teaching arrangements; and
(iii)  student services.

The information provided to domestic and international students during orientation includes (but not limited to)


  • the relationship between the University of Notre Dame Australia and Te Kupenga – Catholic Theological College
  • courses and course units, including the Course Unit Booklet
  • majors, sub-majors, and specialisations
  • requirements for attendance, progress, and completion
  • graduation
  • online learning and the Learning Management System (Blackboard), including the necessity of keeping Blackboard login details for the exclusive use of the student and penalties for sharing these with any other person
  • students-at-risk recognition and strategies
  • academic mentoring available
  • assessment
  • academic integrity, including advice about what constitutes plagiarism, cheating, and contract cheating and warning of the severe penalties attached
  • communication of results
  • access to the University of Notre Dame Australia and Catholic Theological College handbooks
  • academic appeals
  • the faculty
  • student feedback processes

Student services

  • learning support
    • support for gaining study and writing skills
    • library and IT support, including normal hours of availability
    • after-hours support for physical and electronic access to the library and IT support
    • improvement in the use of academic and general English
  • general support
    • safety precautions
    • dealing with and reporting critical incidents and other emergencies
    • support staff with contact details, including for the student grievance process
    • health and well being provisions and referrals
    • disability support
    • counselling and chaplaincy
    • availability of financial support
    • student amenities
    • extra-curricular activities available
    • careers and vocations
    • personal support, including availability of individual pastoral care

UNDA Student Grievance Policy and Procedures < Clicking this link will take you to the UNDA website.

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