Information on Leadership Course Units

LD601 Values and Ethics in Leadership

Level 6, 15 Credits
Keeping in mind the practical challenges faced by those in or aspiring to leadership roles, and the bi-cultural commitment of the Church in Aotearoa New Zealand, this course will help students critically reflect on ethical practice in relation to contemporary issues within the framework of the Catholic-Christian moral tradition, including its tradition of canon law.

LD602 Liturgical Leadership and Practice

Level 6, 15 Credits
This course is designed to prepare lay ministers for leadership in the liturgical and spiritual life of a range of Catholic ecclesial communities. The course will provide students with a critical understanding of the significance of liturgical celebrations in Catholic life and help them develop the practical skills needed to lead forms of liturgical and spiritual expression in contemporary ecclesial communities.

LD603 Biblical Modules of Leadership

Level 6, 15 Credits
This course will examine significant models of Biblical leadership by both men and women, to explore their relevance for contemporary Church leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand. Students will be challenged to consider how to apply Biblical models such as servant leadership and prophetic leadership to specific pastoral and ecclesial situations.

LD604 Skills for Pastoral Leadership

Level 6, 15 credits
Beginning with the records of Jesus’ own public ministry, the course will enable participants to examine the key motifs and leadership insights from that ministry and apply them to pastoral and managerial challenges within particular ecclesial settings. The practical applications in a variety of ministries is explored.

LD605 Leadership and Ministry

Level 6, 15 Credits
This capstone course applies the principles and practices of lay leadership examined throughout the Christian leadership programme to the exercise of leadership within the context of a parish, chaplaincy, school or other ecclesial organisation. Drawing from the mainstream theories of leadership, and the biblical and Catholic models of leadership covered in previous courses, students will consolidate and demonstrate their understanding of the practice of lay pastoral leadership to manage communities and parishes in the bi-cultural context of Aotearoa New Zealand.

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