Information on Pastoral Course Units

PM501 Prayer and Liturgy

Level 5, 10 Credits
Using experiential teaching methods, the aim of this course is to look at the theory and principles of liturgy and how these can be adapted to practical situations that relate to the everyday liturgical practice of the Church

PM502 Spirituality for Ministry

Level 5 course, 10 credits
This course will provide an opportunity for participants to explore the meaning of spirituality and ways of nourishing it in their own lives. It will also provide participants with practical suggestions for appropriate prayer with individuals and groups in ministry.

PM503 Mission and Ministry

Level 5, 10 Credits
This course examines different understandings of the Church, with special emphasis on the “Community of Disciples” or ‘Communio”model. The significance of liturgy, the meaning of mission and ecumenism, and the role of ministers, ordained and lay, are some of the issues explored.

PM504 Pastoral Ministry in Praxis

Level 5, 10 Credits
This course provides participants with an understanding of the basic principles and skills of pastoral ministry in the Catholic tradition, and to give them an opportunity to reflect on how these apply in a specific pastoral context by undertaking a supervised pastoral ministry project.

PM505 Catholic Youth Ministry

Level 5, 10 Credits
Through an examination of A Framework for Catholic Ministry with Young People in Aotearoa New Zealand, this course will introduce participants to the goals, themes and components of Catholic Youth Ministry.

PM506 Youth Ministry Practice

Level 5, 10 Credits
The Youth Ministry Practice is an opportunity to experience the life of the Catholic faith community and to actively participate as a leader in ministry with young people. It is a chance to further explore the role of the youth minister.

PM601 Leading Prayer

Level 6, 15 Credits
Prayer is at the heart of our Christian tradition. This course will provide an introduction to different forms of Christian prayer over the centuries.

PM602 Celebrating Liturgy

Level 6, 15 Credits
This course will examine in some depth the many dimensions that are essential to a more extensive research of liturgy. Both theoretical and practical in delivery, the course examines Vatican Council II and the renewal of the liturgy, the purpose of the Scripture in worship, the Eucharist, Church art and architecture, various rites and has a more detailed look at some of the main ministries in our liturgical celebrations as well as the role of the liturgy committee.

PM603 Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

This course will cover the basic periods and stages which comprise the Christian rite of initiation into the Church Community (RCIA). The aim is to give participants an appreciation of RCIA as a process rather than a programme by examining the key elements of each period and stage, and exploring possible ways of ongoing development.

PM604 Skills for Pastoral Ministry

PM605 Role of Pastoral Minister

P7101 Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Ministry

Level 5, 15 Credits (use in BTh or Grad Dip Th)
This course unit is an introduction to practical theology for ministry. It is also an opportunity to overview the biblical and theological foundations of ministry. Common aspects of ministry will be considered.

C7249 Human Development and Pastoral Counselling (in 2022 this is replaced by P2040)

Level 6, 15 Credits (use in BTh or Grad Dip Th)
This course unit provides for an understanding of the physical, social, psychological and spiritual dimensions of the human life cycle through all the stages from infancy to older age. As such, it provides knowledge of life experiences that can be addressed in pastoral care and counselling.

P2040 Introduction to Pastoral Counselling

Stage 2 of a level 7 award (BDiv or Grad Dip Th) 15 credits
[We are waiting for the official description of this paper. As the name suggests it is intended to provide basic counselling skills for ministry.]

P7235 Maori Pastoral Care

Level 6, 15 Credits (use in BTh or Grad Dip Th)
This unit develops the student’s knowledge of Māori language, Māori religions and the evangelization of the Māori people. It provides students with an understanding of and an empathy for their culture, thought patterns and religious motivations, so that they can be effective spiritual ministers and provide pastoral ministry to Māori people.

P7282 Supervised Ministry 1

Level 6, 15 Credits (use in BTh or Grad Dip Th)
This course unit incorporates learning experiences at a practical level as well as giving opportunity to reflect on both the practice and theory of ministry. This reflection occurs with both an appointed supervisor and mentor as well as the formal classroom situation. The mentoring would be with experienced ordained pastors or those in recognised specialist ministries.

P7362 Canon Law and the Sacraments

Level 7, 15 Credits (use in BTh or Grad Dip Th)
This course unit complements the other unit in Canon Law. It demonstrates how general canonical principles and concepts apply in the area of the sacraments as these are studied in units in Systematic Theology, Liturgy and Pastoral.

P7363 Selected Themes in Canon Law (in 2022 this is replaced by two half-semester papers C2000 and C3020)

Level 7, 15 Credits (use in BTh or Grad Dip Th)
This course unit serves as the primary way of acquainting students with the canonical traditional of the Church in the non-sacramental areas of Church life. As such, it is a particular expression of the theology of Church studied in Systematic and Pastoral Theology.

C2000 Principles of Canon Law and Governance*

Stage 2 of a Level 7 award (BDiv or Grad Dip Th) 7.5 Credits
This course introduces students to the study of canon law. It will explore the nature of canon law and the different types of canon law. The course will explain the power of governance and who exercise it. Attention will be given to the specific roles of the pope, the College of Cardinals, the Roman Curia, ecumenical and plenary councils, and the diocesan bishop.

C3020 Special Studies in Canon Law*

Stage 3 of a Level 7 award (BDiv or Grad Dip Th) 7.5 Credits

This course enables students to study a selected set of themes within Canon Law. Themes will be chosen by the lecturer to complement prior study in the canonical tradition. Content may include any of Books I through VII.

P7376 The Psychology of Religious Vocation

Level 7, 15 Credits (use in BTh or Grad Dip Th)
This course unit aims to enable the student to understand the psychological underpinnings of an ecclesial vocation by constructing a framework for understanding the processes relating to vocational commitment and effective pastoral ministry.

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