Mayte Ramos

BA (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru)

LHis (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru)

Role at Te Kupenga: Lecturer in Church History

Born in Lima, Peru, I have been involved for many years in missionary work in Latin America, USA, UK and Australia. Studying and teaching history, particularly Church history, has enriched my life and my understanding not only of the past and present but also of our human condition, with its fragilities and its capacity for greatness. I am passionate about studying history, among other things, because it is a permanent source of inspiration, perspective and a constant exercise in empathy, understanding and open-mindedness. I am particularly interested in the history of the early Church and its correlation to the Church today, Latin American history, and the role of laity and particularly women in the history of the Church. To relax I like drawing, reading, and anything to do with music (listening, singing, dancing).

Favorite quote/scripture:

“Peace begins with a smile.” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” (Rumi)

Te Kupenga - Catholic Leadership Institute

Enrolment for Certificate and Diploma Programmes is on-going.
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