John Kleinsman PhD

PhD (SCD);

MTheol, (Otago);

BTheol (Otago)

Role at Te Kupenga: Kaitohu / Director – The Nathaniel Centre for Bioethics

John has worked at The Nathaniel Centre for Bioethics since 2001 and was appointed Kaitohu / Director in May 2010. He brings a varied background of community experience to his work in bioethics as a result of previous employment in the disability support and drug and alcohol rehabilitation sectors. He completed his doctoral studies in 2012. His research focused on the potential contributions of contemporary ‘thinkers of the gift’ to a renewed theology of procreation and the implications of this for Catholic teaching on the transmission of human life in an age of assisted reproductive technologies. John also lectures in Christian Morality.

Te Kupenga - Catholic Leadership Institute

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