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TH501 What Catholics Believe

Level 5, 10 Credits

Catholics hold certain beliefs which shape the way they think about themselves, God, other people and the world. Those beliefs are found in Scripture and Tradition, celebrated in the Liturgy, articulated by the Church teaching authority and witnessed to in the lives of Christians. Thus course explores the concepts and beliefs that have shaped the Catholic tradition and so provide a background to understanding Catholic identity.

TH502 What is Theology?

Level 5, 10 Credits

Theology is “faith seeking understanding”. This course will explore questions about God, Jesus Christ, creation and being human in light of scripture, tradition and experience. Students will be encouraged to explore the Christian theological Tradition and examine the contexts in which theology is done.

TH503 Church and Sacraments

Level 5, 10 Credits

This course will explore the major historical developments that have influenced the contemporary sacramental practice of the Catholic Church. It will examine some key cultural influences that have shaped and defined the Sacraments highlighting how the faith of the Church is expressed, nourished and strengthened in the celebration of sacramental rituals.

TH504 Catholic Social Teaching

Level 5, 10 Credits

Catholic Social Teaching outlines the moral teaching of the Church as it applies to public community issues. This course will give an introduction to the Church’s teaching on social, economic, political and cultural matters. Catholic Social Teaching assists the People of God to overcome the separation of Gospel from life and to integrate faith and life to help create a more just world.

TH505 Issues in Christian Ethics

Level 5, 10 Credits

Christian ethics seeks to respond to the often challenging human experiences and life choices and experiences from a faith-filled perspective. This course will examine the key principles underlying Christian ethics and morality. It will introduce the idea that the Christian perspective exists alongside other perspectives. It will also introduce students to some of the different approaches to moral decision-making.

TH506 He Timatanga – a Beginning

TH601 The Sacraments Today

Level 6, 15 Credits

Using a contemporary sacramental theology, this course will explore the place of sacraments within the faith life of Catholic communities in Aotearoa New Zealand. The course will offer a synopsis of the seven Catholic sacraments and examine how the sacramental-liturgical celebrations of the Church expresses the identity of Christian communities and shapes their sense of mission.

TH603 Renewing the Church

Level 6, 15 Credits

This course examines the critical historical and theological influences on the evolving understanding of the mission and identity of the Church since the Second Vatican Council. Students will consider the ecclesial and pastoral implications of the call since the Council to renewal through response to ‘the signs of the times in the light of the Gospel’.

TH609 He Turanga Whakaaro

Level 6, 15 Credits

This paper provides an advanced understanding of the Māori concepts introduced in the certificate. Through their engagement in the Te Reo journey, students will deepen their understanding of how this provides a world view that is the same, similar and different to their own and so gain a greater appreciation of the importance of their own story and its intersection with Māori world. 

TH620 Studies in Church History

Level 6, 15 Credits

This course explores the growth and development of the Christian Church as it responds to changing social, historical and cultural times. It investigates the dynamic nature of the relationship between the Church and the world. It examines the impact key institutions; movements; events and teachings of the Church have had on the people and history of their own time and on the contemporary Catholic Church

TH623 Ministry and Values

Level 6, 15 Credits

TH624 Theology for Religious Education: Special Topic

Level 6, 15 Credits

TH626 Theology for Ministry: Special Topic

Level 6, 15 Credits

T7101 Introduction to Theology (in 2022 this is replaced by D2000)

Level 5, 15 Credits

This course unit introduces students into the nature and tasks of theology and to theological methodology. It provides a foundation for all future theology course units.

D2000 Fundamental Theology: Faith, Revelation, Theology

Stage 2 of a level 7 award (BDiv or Grad Dip Th) 15 Credits

This course introduces students to the study of Theology. It answers the question, “What is theology?” Working with the definition of theology as “faith seeking understanding”, it explores the nature of Christian faith as a response to divine revelation. The course explores the theology of revelation and the theology of faith, as these developed in the Catholic theological tradition and found modern expression in the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, Dei verbum. Students will come to appreciate the role of the sensus fidei and the Church’s teaching authority in the expression of Christian faith. By the end of this course, students should have acquired elementary skills in theological method.

T7217 The Church

Level 6, 15 Credits

This unit introduces students to a central theme of theology, viz. that faith is lived within a community of believers. It prepares students for later units in the church’s sacraments and ministry.

T7231 The Person and Work of Christ

Level 6, 15 Credits

This course unit is designed to provide students with an understanding of the person and saving work of Jesus Christ. It seeks to explore this understanding in the light of contemporary Christian thought and life.

T7324 Baptism and Confirmation

Level 7, 15 Credits

This course unit shows how Baptism is the first Christian sacrament and how it mediates Christian faith and Christian identity, in Christ and in the Church. It presents an introduction to sacramental theology, taking baptism as a paradigm and considers the development of Confirmation as a separate sacrament.

T7325 Anointing and Reconciliation

Level 7, 15 Credits

This course unit applies the themes of sacramentality, a principal aspect of theology in the Christian tradition, to two fundamental areas of human life: sinfulness and sickness.

T7326 The Eucharist

Level 7, 15 Credits

This course unit will help students deepen their appreciation of the connection between the doctrine of the Eucharist, worship and witness in the Christian life. In this sense it will help them integrate various aspects of the undergraduate programme, and develop appropriate attitudes and skills for ministry.

T7327 The Sacrament of Marriage

Level 7, 15 Credits

This course unit explores marriage principally from the perspective of sacramental theology. It will help students appreciate the interaction between theology, society and the human person, and develop appropriate attitudes and skills for ministry.

T7328 Theology of Priesthood

Level 7, 15 Credits

This course unit explores the history, theology and practice of ministry in the church in the sacrament of Holy Order. With baptism as a starting point the sacrament of Order is considered in relation to the saving ministry of Jesus in the church and the world.

T7333 The Trinity (in 2022 this is replaced with D3000)

Level 7, 15 Credits

The purpose of this unit is to focus exclusively on, and examine systematically, the Church’s teaching on the mystery of the Holy Trinity, a doctrine that stands at the very heart of Christian belief. In so doing it will want to demonstrate the profound soteriological and existential consequences of this doctrine to the way Christians live their life.

D3000 The Trinity

Stage 3 of a level 7 award (BDiv or Grad Dip Th) 15 credits

This course investigates the biblical witness to God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It discusses the development of the conceptuality of the doctrine of the Trinity and some modern restatements of the doctrine. The course considers the significance of the Trinity in its centrality to Christian life and ministry.

T7337 Christian Anthropology and Grace

Level 7, 15 Credits

This course unit seeks to provide students with a theological understanding of the human person and the ability to relate Christian anthropology to the theology of grace. It enables students to begin to integrate their prior theological learning into a coherent framework based on a Christian vision of human persons and their orientation to the divine life. Info for 2021 s1.

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