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Moodle is the name of our Learning Management System. It is the platform for teaching, as well as the for students’ learning

Your first stop then, for course material, is Moodle. You can get to Moodle from any computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection by going to the following site:

  • To access course pages in Moodle the College provides new students with a username, password and IT support

Moodle Course Page

            The Course Page for each paper you are taking contains:

*Course Unit Booklet; which sets out the syllabus for the course, the description of the assignments(and the marks for each) and the due date for each assignment.

*A selection of readings and other course materials for each week of the course (often added by your lecturer each week.)

*Your lecturer may also provide links to a selection of eBooks he/she recommends reading and to a broader list found in your course unit booklet.An advantage is that students don’t need to buy textbooks (there are one or two exceptions)


Students, both onsite and distance, become members of Colin Library at enrolment, Once you have been given your student number, the librarian will email you instructions about how to complete enrolment

What do I get?

Being the oldest established Catholic Library in New Zealand, the historical depth of collections is a particular feature.

The Library has historical and current collection strengths in Catholic theology, canon law, spirituality, philosophy and Biblical studies.

There is a full range of eBooks and periodicals in these subject areas.

How do I discover library resources?

The online catalogue is searchable by anyone using a range of devices.

Access to eBooks requires a member login – eBooks are also searchable from the e-resources link.

Borrowing books

You are welcome to visit the Colin Library in person at 20 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby during opening hours.Opening hours are Monday- Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm during the semester and Monday-Friday 10am-4pm over the holiday breaks.

Borrow books by asking the librarian at the front desk.  We have your details on our computer database.

Distance students can email requests for books to be posted out.  Books are sent out at no charge but students are responsible for the return of books.


Learn to use the library and its resources

At the start of semester students can take a guided tour offered during Orientation Day, or talk to the librarian at any time during either semester to arrange a tour.

Distance students can schedule a one-on-one “walk-through” over the phone with the librarian. When you call it’s helpful to have the College website open on-screen.

Need help? Call the Librarian, Mark Hangartner on (09) 361 1053 extension 703 (or press 3 immediately) or email



Important Dates in the Academic Calendar

The year is split into two semesters, with 12 teaching weeks in each semester and courses are completed each semester.Distance students start and finish the semester the same as the on-campus students.

There are no lectures for on-campus and distance students over the semester break, assignment, and study and exam weeks.

Here is a link to the academic calendar for the current year

Teaching periods

Three hours of lectures are scheduled for a course each week, usually made up of one single lecture and one double (2 hour) lecture, although there can be exceptions such as a triple lecture of 3 hours with small breaks.

Here is a link to Weekly timetables of Lectures for the current semester and for next semester

Compulsory Attendance

CTC expects all on-campus students to attend all lectures and engage in all class activities.

Distance students are expected to do all online tasks in the week they are set.

Lecturers mark the attendance of all students.

A minimum attendance of 80% is required in order to pass a course, regardless of the marks received for graded assessments.

The minimum 80% attendance rule is:

  • On-campus studentsmust attend at least 29 hours of lectures i.e. absent no more than 7 hours – each course has 36 hours of lectures.
  • Distance studentsmust complete at least 10 weeks of online tasks i.e. miss no more than 2 weeks – each course has 12 weeks of tasks.

Workload Requirements for each Paper

For each course plan for 10 hours per week on coursework and associated study, including:

  • 3 hours of lectures each week for on-campus students.
  • Distance students should allocate 3 hours to reading lecture notes and/ or watching the lecturers’ PowerPoint presentations.

How to use Moodle for Campus students

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