What papers are coming up?

Looking Ahead

These are the papers offered for Level 7 awards (BDiv and Grad Dip Th), for level 5 and 6 click here.

The papers offered are grouped by discipline. Make sure that the courses you want to take will help you to complete your degree or graduate diploma, rather than finding out later that they do not fit the requirements and therefore cannot be counted.

Learn more about the qualifications the College offers or simply find out how to enrol now. A good place to start when selecting papers are the planning guides for the:

Here you can check out if the papers that interest you also fit the requirements of the qualification you’ve chosen to study towards. Or simply find out how to enrol now.

How many papers do students take each semester?

This can vary depending on whether you are studying on-campus or by-distance, part-time or full-time. Refer to the planning guides above.

If you are considering being an on-campus student (Auckland), you may want to check out the Weekly Timetable for 2023s2

and the Academic Calendar for 2023


Papers in Semester Two 2023








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