Current Weekly Timetable

Auckland Campus Timetable Semester 1 2022 – 20 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.

Course Code and TitleDays and TimeLocationLecturers
B1000 Introduction to the Old Testament and PentateuchMon 10am-12pm; Wed 3-4pmLR1Sarah Hart
L1000 Theology and Practice of LiturgyTue 1-3pm; Thu 2-3pmDistanceSusanna Yun
B1010 Introduction to the New Testament and Pauline LiteratureWed 2-3pm; Thu 10-12pmLR3Kevin Waldie
W1010 Ancient and Early Medieval PhilosophyThu 10am-12pm / 1-2pmLR3David Legg
W2000 Late and Modern Contemporary PhilosophyMon 2-4pm; Fri 10-11amLR3John Owens
M2000 Fundamental Moral TheologyTue 9am-12pmLR3Bernard Teo
D2000 Fundamental Theology: Faith, Revelation, TheologyMon 9-10am ; Wed 9-11amLR3Rocio Figueroa
P2040 Introduction to Pastoral CounsellingMon 9-10am ; Wed 9-11amLR1John Evangelista
H2010 Medieval Christian ExperienceMon 1-2pm; Wed 11-12pm /1-2pmLR3Mayte Ramos
W2020 Moral PhilosophyTue 1-3pm; Thu 2-3pmLR3John Owens
C2000 Principles of Canon Law & GovernanceThu 9-10am; Fri 9-11amLR1Brendan Daly
C3020 Special Studies in Canon Law
D3000 The TrinityTue 10am-12pm; Wed 2-3pmLR1Mervyn Duffy
B3010 Johannine LiteratureMon 10am-12pm; Fri 11am-12pmLR3Kevin Waldie

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Weekly Timetable

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